David Mann Doesn’t Want to be locked in the box as a Christian Comedian


David Mann is taking his comedic talents on the road, but the Christian comedian doesn’t want us to place him in a box.

david-mann-laugh600-525x350David Mann has made all of us laugh in Tyler Perry movies and plays, and also as of late on his reality TV show, It’s A Mann’s World.  The comedian who has always been vocal about his faith is currently embarking on the “Rebirth of Comedy Tour” with the likes of Christian comedians Akitunde, Mark Gregory and Christian rapper Big Redd. Still,  but Mann does not want to be boxed into a label of just being a Christian comedian.

“Rather than being locked in the box of Christian comedy, we’d rather consider ourselves Christians who happen to be comedians,” Mann told Savannah.com. “We love God, but we have to be funny otherwise.”14544258645823

Mann is making it clear that this tour is filled with good clean fun:

“What we’re doing is bringing good, clean, wholesome fun of the family kind,” Mann said. “This is one of those comedy tours that can bring the whole family out.

He went on to say,

“It’s rare to get a comedy tour that you can bring everyone from grandbabies to grandmamas too,” he said. “I remember in the day when we had comics who were funny to kids and their parents.”



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