Cover Couple: Devon Franklin and Meagan Good On Why They Chose Celibacy in Rolling Out


Christian couple and authors Meagan Good and husband/preacher Devon Franklin are covering the February issue of Rolling Out, and in the issue titled “A Bond Worth Believing In, A Love Worth Waiting For,” the couple discuss why they chose celibacy. 

960x0_95_3_c_FFFFFF_b85c4756c4c0287d45bf8909ab56ab67In their new book the couple who  are encouraging fans to Wait, explained why they chose to walk a different way — celibacy. “I was tired of living a lie. Doing one thing [outside] of the pulpit and doing another thing in the pulpit. I really wanted to align my spiritual life with my personal life,” said Franklin.

Meanwhile, Good detailed doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, only to meet further heartbreak. “After my last relationship, I was in a place where I was just like, ‘Why do I keep running into walls?’ I got tired of it and decided that I was going to do it all your [God’s] way. Not half your way. I’m going to do all of it and it really changed everything,” she said.

Good said she made the decision to be celibate, because it was the best decision for her. And it became a cornerstone of she and her soon-to-be-husband’s lives. She wanted to share that experience in a book because she thinks there are a lot of women who can relate to what she’s been through.Meagan-Good-Devon-Franklin366A9974-640x427

Good and Franklin coming together had to have been God, Franklin wasn’t into dating actresses, and Good wasn’t really into him after their first meeting, but both understand now that in  order to find love, you have to truly be open to allowing it to find you.

“You have no idea how God is going to bring the person to you,” Franklin believes. “So be open to every avenue. Matchmaking sites — why not? I know people who are happily married right now [who used matchmaking sites]. There’s a stigma sometimes — especially in the Black community.”

“You know where you want to go; you know what you want — why not connect with like-minded people who are there for the same reason?” adds Good.

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