Draya Michele on Reality TV: ‘It Ruins Families, It Tarnishes Your Name’


Draya Michele is ready to hang up her reality tv show shoes after four seasons on VH1’s Basketball Wives,  and focus on other things, including fashion design.

She recently reflected on her tenure with the Basketball Wives franchise with BET:

“The first two season of [Basketball Wives] were the hardest, but that’s when I enjoyed it the most. The last two seasons were the easiest, but I was just mentally over it.”basketball-wives-la-draya-michele-community-service-turkey-giveaway-with-boyfriend-Orlando-Scandrick-the-jasmine-brand

Explaining her decision to leave BBW, Draya says, “I got to grow up in front of America. But now that I’m grown, I don’t need every single thing I do to be on TV and to be judged…I just don’t like it anymore. I just want to live a more private life.” 

For  those who are considering following in her footsteps……. “I don’t recommend doing it,” she says. “I think it ruins families, relationships, work relationships. I think it tarnishes your name.”

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