Michelle Obama Continues To Be Hopeful That Our Political Climate Will Improve

First Lady Michelle Obama

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama made her first public appearance since last July on Thursday evening at a tech conference in Salt Lake City. Michelle Obama discussed her families 8 years in the White House and answered question about our current political climate.

Via The Salt Lake City Times:

When asked how she views the world “right now,” former first lady Michelle Obama had less of an answer and more of a gut reaction.

She cringed and quietly groaned.

“I don’t have much of a poker face,” Obama said with a laugh.

Though she didn’t mention President Donald Trump by name, the former first lady did tell a Salt Lake City audience Thursday that “we are looking at two different administrations.”

First Lady Michelle Obama

Photo Credit: Instagram

One, she said, was built on hope. The other is being led by fear.

One lady in the audience yelled that Mrs. Obama should run for President, which she quickly declined.

‘Oh no! That’s still shocking. Like what? Are you kidding me? No,’ Mrs Obama said. ‘No, running for office is nowhere on the radar screen, but continuing in public service is something I will do for the rest of my life.’

And while she acknowledged “things are tough right now” and suggested “we’re being tested,” Mrs. Obama professed that she “continues to be hopeful” that the political climate will improve.



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