FLOTUS Michelle Obama Urges Young Girls Not To Take Their Education For Granted


FLOTUS Michelle Obama reminded a thousand New York City schoolgirls not to take their education for granted because there are more than 62 million girls worldwide who are not in school.

“For me, this is personal,” Obama said Tuesday during a panel discussion about global issues facing adolescent girls at the Apollo Theater.

“It is part of my passion and my mission to make sure that every girl on the planet has the same opportunity that I had, that my daughters have and I want to make sure that all of you here in the United States are taking advantage of the opportunities you have as well,” she said. “I want you to be that hungry to get your education because it is going to be the key to your future.”GlamourHostsPowerEducatedGirlFirstLadyghLx2O2HY7Gl

In March, the First Lady and the President launched a government-wide initiative,Let Girls Learn, to provide programs that will ensure the more than 62 million girls who are not in school – half of which are of adolescent age – go to school and stay in school.GlamourHostsPowerEducatedGirlFirstLady1ZUdbf5fouel

The Glamour magazine-sponsored panel discussion, which allowed girls in the room and other countries to ask questions via video, also featured actress Charlize Theron, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Nurfahada, a 16-year-old activist from the Philippines.

“Get your education,” the First Lady said to the students, emphasizing that students in other countries don’t have it so easy when it comes to getting an education.490534352_236d78077ca6a8b8788fee8fe077e155.nbcnews-ux-600-480

















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