Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp & Tye Tribbett Concert At The Casino?

Fred Hammond
Fred Hammond, Marvin, Sapp and Tye Tribbett are headlining the ‘Three Kings’ concert at the Horseshoe Casino in Gary, Indiana and now “church” folks have questions.

Fred HammondAccording to BCNN1, folks have raised questions over why Christian artists will be hosting an event at a venue that features gambling and that grants entrance only to those over the age of 21.

An image on Ticketmaster associates the shows with J.D. Lawrence’s Cain & Able.

Fred Hammond

Hammond first teamed up with playwright, JD Lawrence back in 2015, for the his Cain & Able play.

Is this a problem or are Christian’s being too judgmental?


  1. No! I hate that I missed this! But that’s where they should be performing; in the hedges & highways. You can’t reach the lost constantly preaching to the choir.


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