Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union Danced Their Way Back To Miami

Gabrielle Union
When the news broke on Thursday that NBA baller Dwayne Wade was headed back to Miami, nobody was more happier than his wife Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle hopped on Twitter real quick, and Tweeted,

“305 HOME!!!! Let’s goooooooo HEAT!!!! Can’t. Wait.”

Dwayne Wade was playing in Cleveland beside Lebron James, and as a matter of fact was headed into Cleveland’s practice facility for a workout with LeBron when he got the “911 text” on Thursday from his agent, according to ESPN.

It didn’t take Wade and Union no time to hop on a jet back to Miami.  The couple landed in Miami Thursday night, and the looks on their face says it all…They’re happy to be home!!

One of the reasons for the couples quick return is Wade plans to play Friday night with the Heat, according to the AP.

“He intends to play Friday in Miami. He doesn’t want to make the fans wait any longer. “I’ve missed them and I know they’ve missed me,” he said moments ago.”

Gabrielle sent love to Lebron and Savannah James Friday morning via a #fbf pic of the basketball couples, with the caption “Always Fam!”

Always Fam #miaminights🌴 #fbf rp @worldredeye

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We’re happy for Dwayne and Gabrielle!!! There is no place like home!


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