Harry Connick Jr. Hopes To Celebrate The Good & Uplift On “Harry”

Harry Connick Jr. Hope To Uplift And Celebrate On Season 2 Of "Harry"

Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. is hoping to celebrate, inspire and uplift people on season 2 of his talk show “Harry.” 

Via The Gospel Herald:

You’re a practicing Christian — how do your values influence the topics you decide to highlight on your show?

HC: Being a Christian is very important to me, and I’m sure that a lot of the things I grew up learning about the church have influenced me as a person, but the last thing I want to do is preach. Not everybody is Catholic, and I don’t want my show to be seen through the eyes of a Christian. I want it to be seen through my eyes, which is somebody who loves everyone and somebody who feels blessed in that position, which is why I don’t like to preach to people. My mother was Jewish, so there’s all kinds of people out there, and what we try to do on the show is celebrate the good in everyone, to uplift everyone, to inspire people. I think those also happen to be things that Christians believe, too.

GH: In many ways, this show presents a message of unity that you don’t see a lot today in entertainment.

HC: I think so. When I look out into the audience, you just don’t know what people are going through. If you spend all your time saying ‘I believe this, you believe that, I voted for this person, and you voted for that person’ – who cares, man. We’re all God’s children and have things that we suffered through and that bring us joy and we’re all just trying to make it. All I want this show to do is give people a respite from their day, put a smile on their face, and remind each other that love wins and that we at the Harry show like to love. That’s what we like to do.


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