Hillary Clinton “I am a person of Faith..I am a Christian…I am a Methodist” + Bishop Paul Morton Wants A Commitment Clinton Will Protect God’s Church on Marriage


Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton was speaking at a Campaign event  in Iowa on Monday when an event goer asked her if the Ten Commandments mattered to her.  The former Secretary of State replied that she is indeed a person of faith.. a Christian and a Methodist. Plus Bishop Paul S. Morton wants a commitment she will protect God’s Church on marriage.

2016-01-26t041708z2027384544gf20000107222rtrmadp3usa-election-1According to the New York Times, Mrs. Clinton was asked by high school guidance counselor,  Jessica Manning if the Ten Commandments mattered to her, and Clinton responded with:

“Thank you for asking that. I am a person of faith. I am a Christian. I am a Methodist,” Clinton explained.  “I have been raised Methodist. I feel very grateful for the instructions and support I received starting in my family but through my church, and I think that any of us who are Christian have a constantly, constant, conversation in our own heads about what we are called to do and how we are asked to do it, and I think it is absolutely appropriate for people to have very strong convictions and also, though, to discuss those with other people of faith.”
Clinton continued,
“My study of the Bible, my many conversations with people of faith, has led me to believe the most important commandment is to love the Lord with all your might and to love your neighbor as yourself, and that is what I think we are commanded by Christ to do,” Clinton added. “There is so much more in the Bible about taking care of the poor, visiting the prisoners, taking in the stranger, creating opportunities for others to be lifted up, to find faith themselves that I think there are many different ways of exercising your faith.”

“But I do believe that in many areas judgment should be left to God, that being more open, tolerant and respectful is part of what makes me humble about my faith,” Clinton asserted. “I am in awe of people who truly turn the other cheek all the time, who can go that extra mile that we are called to go, who keep finding ways to forgive and move on.”


In other Hillary Clinton news Bishop Paul S. Morton asked pastors who are going to meet with her to get a commitment that she will protect God’s Church on marriage.  The Bishop tweeted,

Pastors who are going to meet with make sure you get a commitment from her that she will protect God’s Church on marriage

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