J.Lo & Alex Rodriguez Cover Vanity Fair “Living The Dream”

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J.Lo and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez cover the December issue of Vanity Fair.

Inside the publication, A-Rod shares how he keeps himself grounded with gratitude and appreciation.

J.Lo“Gratitude and appreciation. When someone offers me a job, I thank the Lord that I have work, and I beg for more work.”

A Rod goes on to say that he and J.Lo are  living the dream:

“We’re really good at reminding each other.” They begin to tell me a story, one in which Lopez is in the bath, and Rodriguez is sitting by the fire in a robe. Looking at my face, he starts laughing. “You’re like, ‘Where are you going with this story, and is it going to get R-rated?’ ” But it’s not R-rated, not at all. He says he got hot from the fire and went to sit on the patio outside their room, with a book and his feet up, in the crisp air. Lopez breaks in. “I came out and said, ‘What are you doing out here?’ He said, ‘Living the dream.’ ”

Jennifer added:

“Because a lot of people I’ve met in my life, they don’t appreciate what they’re doing and how amazing it is . . . not the greatness of the house, but the moment of sitting there with someone you love, with a family, with healthy kids.”


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