Jamal Bryant Stalking Case Has Been Dismissed

Jamal Bryant
Jamal Bryant  stalking case accuser, couldn’t prove it.

On Thursday, a judge dismissed the stalking case against Pastor Bryant after it was discovered that a restraining order filed against him had no legal standing according to The Christian Post.

Jennifer Wright, a personal trainer and mother of two, accused Jamal Bryant of wire tapping her phone and sending people to physically harm her, but the NY woman couldn’t provide any proof.

When news broke that the woman accused Bryant of stalking her, folks in the Christian community were calling for his resignation, and the Empowerment Temple Pastor shared with the CP, that that burdened him the most.Jamal Bryant

“I want to tell you transparently what burdened me the most. It’s the call for my resignation and the question of my call only came from Christian sites,” he told CP. “[We’ve] got to be very careful how we treat each other, not just when things are going well but in trying times.”

Amen to that!


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