Jamie Grace Recovering From Severe Ear Infection Album Delayed By A Couple Weeks

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Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace was hospitalized over the Christmas holiday due to a severe ear infection that turned into a bone infection, according to the singer.  All is well now, as she will be singing tonight for the first time since the ER visits, and Dr. visit’s.

Jamie shared with fans today that even though she will have to take it easy, she will sing tonight to bring in the New Year.  Unfortunately the sickness will delay the release of her album by a couple weeks, so that she can continue to heal.

Unfortunately, this sickness is going to delay the release of my album by a few weeks as my hearing, and health in general, are still being restored. I appreciate you guys so much and will be sharing some very exciting news so, so soon. Look out 2017;) Happy New Year’s Eve, friends, Jamie wrote on IG.

We can wait a couple weeks, as long as you’re healthy Jamie!