NASA Pulled First Black Woman Assigned To International Space Station

Jeanette Epps
Official Astronaut portrait of Jeanette Epps Photographer: Robert Markowitz
On Thursday, NASA announced that Black Astronaut Jeanette Epps was being pulled from the International Space Station mission.

Jeanette Epps was on track to become the first African-American crew member on the International Space Station in 2018.

Via: The NY Post

The first black female astronaut ever assigned to the International Space Station was yanked from the mission just months before it was set to launch, according to a report Friday.

Jeanette Epps, a 47-year-old former CIA agent from Syracuse, NY, was removed from the position aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and replaced by another astronaut, NASA sources told the BBC.

NASA didn’t cite a reason for replacing her but said she would be considered for other missions in the future, the station reported.


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