[WATCH] Kandi Buruss Accepts Jonathan McReynolds #CyclesChallenge

Jonathan McReynolds
RHOA star, Kandi Buruss has been doing her thing in Chicago on Broadway.  The singer/actor took a break to get it on Gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds #CyclesChallenge 

Cycles is the latest single off Jonathan McReynolds new CD Make Room, and the runs he’s doing on this song is sick!

Anyway, the challenge kicked off when McReynolds grandmother sang it first, and Jonathan posted it to the Gram:

Some of our favorite gospel artists/worship leaders have gotten in on the challenge including, Tasha Cobbs, Pastor Jason Nelson, Bryon and Rachel Music, Ruth La’Ontra, and Tasha Page Lockhart.  Now Kandi Buruss is getting in on the challenge, and for the girl to sing R&B she did an awesome job…check out her hum at the end….

So how do you think Kandi did?

Here is the audio for McReynolds single Cycles below, also his latest album Make Room releases March 9th, 2018, but is available for pre-order now.


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