Kanye West Talks Being in the Studio with Kirk Franklin and Mary Magdalene


Rapper Kanye West sent the internet into a frenzy last week when he said that his next album, which he still has not titled was a gospel album.  Then when a pictured surfaced with gospel artist Kirk Franklin in the studio with him, we ALL were like hmmmm.  Well Kanye is explaining himself and talking Mary Magdalene.

Kanye-Kirk-Franklin-Andre-3000-Diddy-2-Chainz-640x521When asked by HotNewHipHop about what he’s trying to do with this album, Kanye makes quite the statement.

“Ultra light beams,” he declares. “I’m tryna open up hearts, minds. When I was sitting in the studio with Kirk, Kirk Franklin, and we’re just going through it, I said this is a gospel album, with a whole lot of cursing on it, but it’s still a gospel album. The gospel according to Ye. It’s not exactly what happened in the bible, but it’s this story idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary.”

For those of you who may not know Mary Magdalene travelled with Jesus as one of his followers. She is said to have witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

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