KeKe Palmer On What She Wants To Portray To Young Girls and Says Her Confidence Come From God


Actress KeKe Palmer is the star of the new Fox show Scream Queens.  She recently talked with Allure about what image she wants to portray to young girls.

From Allure:

You just got signed to Island Records, and you’re a role model to a lot of young girls. What kind of image do you want to portray to them?

“I want to present a very strong and bold image, but with femininity. I love being sweet and salty all together. When I was on the set of Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis said she saw my picture and said, ‘You look sexy, but you also look in control,’ and that’s what’s important to me, especially as a female artist. I loved that [Curtis] said that, because there’s often the belief that if you are a woman in control, then you must be not as womanly as others, like you have some sort of power that women aren’t supposed to have. Yeah, I’m young, but I’m a boss about my business, and yeah, I’m sexy at the same time, and I know how to have that balance because I am the one who defines my sexuality.”

I love it!!!!!!


Watch her talk about how her self confidence comes from God on  “The Real”


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