Kierra Sheard says Kirk Franklin did nothing to make his good be evil spoken of regarding pic with Kanye West in the studio


Last week a photo was leaked of gospel recording artist, Kirk Franklin in the studio with Kanye West and a bunch of other rappers that caused some controversy, well Kierra Sheard said on periscope that Kirk Franklin did nothing to make his good be evil spoken of.

kierra-sheard-LED-album600“I was super inspired,” said the 28-year-old in a Feb. 2 Periscope video titled “Fun Topics.”

“What was so much more fun is that 2 Chainz posted a video of them in the studio and Kirk Franklin was chilling on the wall. He did not jump out of himself. He did not lose himself. He did nothing that let his good be evil spoken of. It was perfect,” said Sheard.

She went on to say there are some secular artist, she would love to work with too, that would cause controversy,

 “I have always said there are a few artists I would love to work with and it would cause huge controversy,” she said. Among those on the wish list of the Church of God In Christ-bred vocalist are Beyoncé, Coldplay, Shania Twain, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney.

Kierra went on to express her concern with folks trying to throw Kirk under the bus,

“So many people negatively respond to Kirk Franklin and y’all tried to throw him under the bus. I have a huge problem with that,” she said. “People of God, people of Christ, we have to do better.”

“People have said, ‘This is why I don’t come to church. I don’t deal with church people,’” Sheard told periscope viewers.

She added, “And some people have even said, ‘This is why I don’t even believe in God because, the God that you all speak about and the love that you guys say you ought to share, you guys don’t share it amongst each other.’”



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