Kimberly Elise Rededicates Her Life To Christ On Her 54th Birthday

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kimberly elise

Kimberly Elise celebrated two birthdays on Saturday, April 17th.

Kimberly Elise

The actress celebrated her earthly birthday and the day she decided to rededicate her life to Christ.

God is faithful and true. Though we may stray, He is long suffering and gives us many chances to come home.

Kimberly was baptized as a teen, and like many Christian teens wandered back into the world. In 2019, she heard God’s voice tell her,” enough wandering it’s time to come home.” Just like most of us, came home she did. Back into the Kingdom of God.

Kimberly Elise
Photo Credit: K Douglas Photo via Instagram

“Today, on my birthday, I was baptized again – this time fully aware and understanding what I was doing and of the promise I’ve made to the Lord.”

“So, all these years later, He has wiped the slate, restored what the locus ate and made me like 16 again.”

Talk about a birthday present.


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