Labor Day


Since Labor Day first became a federal holiday in 1894, the first Monday of September has been set apart to celebrate and value in American society the role of our workers and their work by providing a day off to rest and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. It also affords a tremendous opportunity to reflect on the deeper meaning of our work, which the language of faith provides.

A worthy exercise on this Labor Day, amidst the resting and the celebrating, would be to take a few minutes of reflection on the deeper meaning of one’s labor, and how one’s faith shapes our understanding of the value of our jobs. We ask, “How is my job creating good in the world?” or “How is my job helping fix what is broken in the world?”

Some scriptures to consider:

Genesis 2:15

2 Thessalonians 3:10

1 Timothy 5:8


Happy Labor Day!!!!!

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