The Greenleaf Cast Weighs In On The Adultery That’s Rocking The Greenleaf Family [WATCH]

Lady Mae

On Wednesday night’s episode of Greenleaf,  Bishop Greenleaf reveals to Lady Mae that he knows she had an affair with Lionel Jeffries, who also happens to be the couple’s close friend and a pastor.

Lady Mae asks for forgiveness, and tries to explain why she did it.

“I used passion to fill the pit of pain you left on me when what you did with my sister.” 

Lady MaeThat one line confirmed to us what we’ve been thinking all along, Bishop Greenleaf and Mavis had some type of indiscretion.  Which would explain some of the hostility between Lady Mae and her sister.

Oprah Winfrey, Keith David (who plays Bishop Greenleaf), and Lynn Whitfield, share their perspectives on the adultery that is shaking the Greenleaf family to its foundations.



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