Lamar Odom Condition Update Hollywood and NBA Family Praying


Hollywood and Lamar Odom’s NBA family are praying that Lamar Odom pulls through.

Hollywood and his NBA family have taken to social media to send up prayers to God that Lamar recovers. 

Magic Johnson talks about Lamar’s big heart:

“Lamar did so much for so many people. People don’t realize he had such a big heart andhas such a big heart. He blessed so many kids, people he didn’t even know. Rookies that came and played for the Lakers, [he] bought them suits, tailor-made suits. I mean, this is who he is. We’re hoping and praying that he can pull through and that he’ll be OK. If that happens, we all have to now rally around him and help him move forward in his life.”

“We’re praying for him to pull through,I know this is a crucial time, so we’ve all just got to send up our prayers and hope that everything works out.”

Cedric The Entertainer asked Jesus to walk with Lamar:

Prayers in the air for#LamarOdom. Addiction is a real disease. This dude is a good brother,so Jesus Walk with him to strength and recovery. Amen !

LeBron James said no judgement just prayers sent up:

So many prayers sent up to you LO! I truly hope this isn’t the last stop for you because you still have so much to give, not even to others but to yourself more importantly. Never know what someone is going through unless you’re walking in their shoes. No judgement. Straight up homie!


As far as his condition goes it’s being reported that  Lamar Odom  remains hospitalized, and remains in critical condition.  The former NBA player is unconscious and isn’t breathing on his own. Instead, he has the help of a ventilator, the insider says.

The situation is “no better, no worse. Nothing’s changed. Everyone is praying for a miracle,” a source tells E News!


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