LeAndria Johnson Responds To Criticism From Donnie McClurkin and Brian Carn


Pastor and reality TV star, LeAndria Johnson has been catching some heat lately due to her behavior on the new reality show, Preachers of Atlanta.  The pastor received a rebuke from Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Prophet Brian Carn for what some are calling non-Christian like behavior on the show.  

LeAndria_JohnsonOn Preachers of Atlanta, LeAndria is seen handing out cigarettes and condoms to people on the street, cursing, and even challenging another preachers stance on pornography.

Donnie McClurkin called the new Preachers of Atlanta show vulgar minority among Preacherdom.

and then  Prophet Carn took to periscope to Set The Record Straight regarding Justifying Sin within The Body Of Christ. In the video Prophet Carn used the Bible to justify calling out sin, the heathens/publicans in the church and the old prophets aka the Sauls in the Church.

and here is LeAndria Johnson responding to it all:




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