For King & Country Singer Luke Smallbone Reveals Son Needs Skull Surgery

Luke Smallwood

for King & Country’s Luke Smallbone shared on Instagram a couple days ago that his son Leo had a health scare and needed our prayers, well now little Leo is home, but is in need of major skull surgery.

Luke Smallbone posted the following message on Instgram about 5 days ago:

Yesterday I was mowing the lawn when I heard my wife frantically yelling for me to call 911. I wasn’t immediately sure why until I saw her holding our little boy, Leo, who was very gray and looking lifeless. She felt God impress on her to check on him while he was napping and after many prayers and some CPR, our little boy started to breathe again.Luke Smallwood

We’re all currently at the hospital running tests and not sure about all that happened. We understand now more than ever that these kids aren’t ours, but God entrusts them to us for a time. We will hold him that much tighter and we’re that much more thankful that he spared Leo’s life. Leo is stable and doing great but would covet your prayers! -L

Luke has given us an update on Leo’s health, and also shares that he felt the grace of God in the midst of Leo’s health scare.

We’re home now. The last 48 hours has been a whirlwind to say the least but your prayers have been heard and answered. All the tests came back clear and Leo is currently sleeping soundly as I watch over him. He’ll need a fairly major skull surgery in the next few months which was unrelated to the episode but he’s a strong healthy boy with a full recovery expected. I’m not sure I’ll be able to fully comprehend all that’s taken place but boy have I felt the grace of Jesus. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted but I’m full of joy. Much love to you all. -L


Pic Credit: 4 King & Country IG

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