Christian Woman Who Stood On Her Faith To Save Her Baby..Now The Mother & Baby Has Died

Carrie Lynn Deklyen And Her Daughter Life Lynn Deklyen Have Both Passed Away

Life Lynn

Carrie Lynn DeKlyen, who died after refusing chemotherapy to save her unborn child, we now have learned that the baby has died as well.

Carrie DeKlyen had an aggressive form of brain cancer, when she and her husband Nick DeKlyen found out she was 8 weeks pregnant.  The couple who lived strongly by their Christian faith, was given two options.   They could try to prolong Carrie’s life through chemotherapy, but that meant ending her pregnancy. Or they could keep the baby, but Carrie would not live long enough to see the child.  They chose to stand on their faith and refused chemotherapy,”That’s what she wanted,” Nick said. “We love the Lord. We’re pro-life. We believe that God gave us this baby.”

Carrie was in a coma when daughter Life Lynn was brought into this world through a c-section, Carrie passed away shortly thereafter.  Now the daughter she sacrificed her life for has passed as well.Life Lynn

“It is with great sadness and a absolutely broken heart that I tell you Life Lynn passed away last night. Carrie is now rocking her baby girl. I have no explanation of why this happened, but I do know Jesus loves us and someday we will know why,” said a message Thursday on Cure 4 Carrie, a Facebook page set up for the late mom and her surviving husband, Nick DeKlyen.

On Thursday,  Nick Deklyen told The Detroit News that before his wife died she told him she had a dream in which she was rocking a baby girl. Life Lynn died at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Now the dream she told me is now making sense,” said Nick, 39, told The Detroit News. “I never thought it would be heaven, but I know that is what she is doing. She is rocking her daughter in heaven.”

Carrie Lynn Deklyen died on Sept. 9th and her baby girl Life Lynn passed on Sept. 20th.

Our prayers are with the entire Deklyen family.

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