Mariah Carey Launches “Tea” Shirt Line Inspired By NYE Performance


You asked for it, and now Mariah Carey is giving it to you.

Mariah Carey has launched a T-Shirt line, playing off her classic New Year’s Eve statement “I was told there would be tea.”

Mariah carey
Pic Credit: Mariah Carey

Mariah shared the news on her Instagram account Wednesday.

During her New Year’s Eve performance, MiMi asked the crowd if she could take a sip of her tea.  The Diva looked back and realized there was no tea.  She then shared with the crowd that “they” said there would be tea.

Social media didn’t waste any time creating “Mariah Memes”

Ya’ll know MiMi wasn’t going to let it end there… After her performance, she  took to her social media accounts to post a photo of herself sitting in a chair, sipping her tea with the caption “Found my tea.”

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