Married To Medicine Star Dr. Jackie Talks Husband’s Infidelity

Married To Medicine
Married To Medicine star, Dr. Jackie Walters has always been the one on the show teaching the other ladies how to forgive and move on.  In season 5 of the Bravo show, she finds herself struggling to forgive her husband, Curtis Berry after his infidelity.

“The forgiveness part of infidelity is a spiritual journey.”

The affair was revealed after photos of Berry with his mistress Natasha Pearson went viral.  Pearson revealed to RadarOnline that she didn’t know Berry was married until after the internet got a hold of the photos, and he called her scared.

“I had no idea he was married,” she told Radar.

“When I found out that he was married is when he called me and told me about the pictures,” which were published on after the couple were spotted in the South Carolina resort town.

“He was in a panic and told me ‘I’m married, that’s my wife on TV This is an f’ed up situation.’ I honestly had no idea Curtis was married. I didn’t even know that he was on TV,” she insisted.

Pearson told Radar that she and the Bravo star’s husband only met for s*x in Atlanta and “we never had a situation where we were in public here. It never caught my attention that was going on.”

She claimed that Berry was in a panic after the photos surfaced and asked her to lie to cover up nature of their true relationship.

“He wanted me to say that we met at a bar in Hilton Head, not that we met in Atlanta. He’s making up a story in so many details. I told Curtis ‘I cannot go along with it. I can’t keep up with your lies for you. I’m not obligated to lie for you!’”

Dr. Jackie shared with People that things have been tough for the couple since the news of the affair became public, and the couple has been working to save their marriage.Married To Medicine

“If you asked me to describe Dr. Jackie in season 5, I think my line would be, ‘Dr. Jackie gets to decide on the courage to forgive vs. the freedom not to.’ That’s kind of where I live in season 5,” she says.

“The forgiveness part of infidelity is a spiritual journey and it does not always happen overnight,” she continues. “I’m certainly at a place where I can forgive most, if not everybody. But how can infidelity-damaged relationships survive?”

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