Meagan Good Talks “NO” Being a Blessing and Blessed to Have Had One Job Her Entire Life


Minority Reports leading lady, Meagan Good recently talked with JET mag about her humble beginnings, and being told  “no” quite a few times while pursuing her dream of acting. 
From JET:

JET: Meagan, my first time seeing you was in Eve’s Bayou, and boy did you play what I viewed as a challenging role, especially for someone so young. How did you get into acting?

Meagan Good: Thank you. I started when I was really young. I did extra work on shows like Doogie Howser, Amen and all that stuff. My mom’s best friend’s daughter was into acting, so she gave my mom’s number to a manager. Initially, that manager said I wasn’t going to work and she really didn’t want to take me on [as a client], but she did because she really wanted my sister. So that was the beginning. I did a lot of extra work and worked my way up literally…being on camera and having one line to being on scene to having two scenes to being a character to being a lead. So it’s been a really long journey, but it’s been an amazing one. I feel blessed to have only had one job for my entire life. I’m just thankful.

JET: It’s always funny when someone tells you that you’re not good enough to work in a particular field only for you to not just work in that field, but be well-known for it. It goes to show that you shouldn’t really listen to people when pursuing your dreams.

Meagan Good: Yeah. It’s really crazy. When I look at the neighborhood I grew up in, we were one of two Black families. Every time I would tell my teacher, “I wanna be an actress,” she’d be like, “That’s not realistic. That’s not going to happen for you.” I’ve been told that my whole life, and for some reason it’s made me more determined to succeed at what I believe I’m supposed to be doing. That “no” is kind of a blessing in a way you know?

JET: Now being an actress can be a very interesting job. What’s the most challenging obstacle, particularly for Black actresses?

Meagan Good: There’s a lot of things. Specifically talking about being a Black actress, the opportunities today are much more than they’ve ever been. Any woman that’s come before me, everyone had to fight for every single opportunity including myself. I remember going on auditions and going through each role and they’re like, “Wow you’re amazing, but we don’t want the lead character to be Black. So we’ll give you the best friend role,” and that happened to me a lot. So I made the decision in my mind that I wouldn’t be bitter or mad and that I would focus on the front line and being a part of changing that. Every single thing I’ve had to work for [is mine] because God allowed it. It’s definitely harder out there for minorities, because a lead role is not very often written for minorities and when it is, a lot of times, the whole cast will be a minority which is a beautiful thing, but I think that we should all mix it up. It should be a little of everyone in everything. It’s never been a competition for me. The goal is that we all win and we all get a shot.

Well said….. #WeAllWin

Watch Ms. Meagan in Minority Report which premiered on FOX :

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