Meghan Markle Urging Voters To Go To The Polls Nov. 3rd

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Meghan Markle

According to friend and feminist Gloria Steinem, Meghan Markle has been helping to get out the vote ahead of the Nov. 3rd election.

“[Markle] came home to vote,’’ Steinem told “Access Hollywood’’ sharing how the two met at her house and called voters.

Meghan Markle

“And the first thing we did, and why she came to see me, was we sat at the dining room table here, where I am right now, and cold-called voters. And said, ‘Hello, I’m Meg,’ and, ‘Hello, I’m Gloria,’ and, ‘Are you going to vote?’

“That was her initiative,’’ Steinem said.

“She is such an inspiration to me.’’

She’s an inspiration to me as well Gloria……