NBA Wife Ayesha Curry Teams Up With TJMAXX To Show How Moms Can Be Remarkable


Stephen Curry wife, Ayesha Curry  has joined TJ Maxx to share with moms how they can start to feel like the remarkable women that they are. Yes!!!!!!!

Ayesha is a mother of two daughters and wife to NBA baller Stephen Curry, all the while running her own lifestyle blog and cooking video series, Little Lights of Mine (which, by the way, sells her very own brand of olive oil). Ms. Ayesha has many  wondering, how does she do it? For starters she’s a BELIEVERCQF_9iOUcAA56Hg

This is why T.J. Maxx chose  Ayesha  to be one of their newly dubbed “Maxximizers.” Curry’s top tip for organizing her often hectic days is simple: “A physical to-do list. I have to write things down on a sheet of paper, and visually see it, and check it off. I mean, I write small things, like making my bed, and big things. It’s always on there.”

Take a look at her HuffPost interview”

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