Sterling K. Brown Reveals Scene That Made Him Cry The Hardest On “This Is Us”

Sterling K

Emmy award winning actor, Sterling K. Brown, who portrays Randall K. Pearson on the hit NBC show “This Is Us” shared with Entertainment Weekly the scenes from the show that made him cry the hardest.

From EW:

The episodes: “Jack Pearson’s Son” and “Memphis”
The scenes: It’s a tie between two moments chosen multiple times in this gallery: Kevin rushes to the aid of Randall — and Randall is by William’s side when he passes away. “I shot the scenes back-to-back,” notes Brown. “We [recently rewatched] William’s passing away, and I was like, ‘Whatever makeup that I was supposed to be looking cute in was all messed up,’ because tears were all over my face. And the other day, I was watching Justin and I in that scene, and both of them equally wrecks me. I can’t pick one over the other.”

This Is Us (screen grab) CR: NBC

Why these cries: We’ll start with the first. The brotherly connection — or reconnection — of Kevin and Randall in that office truly resonated with him. “To see two brothers that have had a very tumultuous past and were rivals in their youth for their mother’s affection, for their father’s affection, to see them be able to put that away in such a way that they can be present and there for one another — and in particular, Kevin being there for Randall — it moves me,” he says. “When I see the history of that relationship in the past, it breaks my heart, so [I love] the fact that Kevin comes to his brother’s aid and his brother readily falls into his chest.”


Make sure to catch season 2 of “This Is Us”  when it premieres on NBC Tuesday, Sept, 26th 9/8c.


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