Newsweek Thought It Was Okay To Post A Photo Of Martin Luther King, Jr. In His Casket

Newsweek Has Deleted An Insensitive Martin Luther King, Jr. Tweet After Bernice King Responds

Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. has called out Newsweek after they posted a photo of the Civil Rights leader in his casket.

On Monday, Newsweek tweeted the photo along with the caption, “Has anybody here seen my old friend Martin?” The caption is from “Abraham, Martin and John,” a song originally performed by Marvin Gaye, and was on his That’s The Way Love Is album.

The song memorializes the lives of Abraham Lincoln, MLK, former President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy.


After Bernice King responded to the tweet, the publication deleted the insensitive tweet and issued an apology.

“@BerniceKing Earlier this afternoon we published an opinion piece with an insensitive image of Martin Luther King Jr.,” it said. “We sincerely apologize to the King family for this egregious error.” 


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