Oh No! Russell Simmons Hit Wish Class Action Lawsuit Over RushCard


Russell Simmons was hit with a class action lawsuit on yesterday according to the DailyMail.  The lawsuit accuses Russell Simmons company Rush Communications, UniRushm and Meta Financial Group of breach of contract over the Rushcard glitch that happened earlier this month.We reported earlier that thousands of  RushCard users were unable to access the money on the prepaid debit card for over a week and a half. According to the site, five cardholders were named in the lawsuit – and some of them claim they were forced to choose between feeding their children or paying their electric bill. Other cardholders reported money was missing from their accounts.

They are now demanding Russell Simmons  to pay restitution and damages for what he has caused them.2DB583DC00000578-3286682-image-a-8_1445626201038

Russell Simmons responded with the following tweets:

  1. Honestly excited to see investigations beginning they will expose our operation as squeaky clean

  2. Most operational issues are resolved I’m putting together process to help those that have been damaged by this tragedy stay tuned

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