Oprah Holds Private Screening of ‘Birth of a Nation’; Gives Biopic Rave Review

Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation has received a major endorsement ­— from Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. The latter posted a photo and video on Instagram announcing that the best friends screened Parker’s biopic of slave Nat Turner — believed to be the only time anyone outside of Sundance has seen it.
12627941_1636946633236054_372340265_n(1)Says Oprah in the clip: “Nate Parker, we just saw your film … that you produced, wrote, directed, starred in. We bow to you, my brother. Nate Parker. Nate Parker!” Oprah gushes, delivering the second mention in a sing-song tone. “Bravo, Nate!” Oprah then posted on her IG account, 
Watched #BirthofaNation for my birthday. @origi_nate will leave you speechless with his masterful creation based on the life of Nat Turner. Bravo! Bravo! Nate????
Nate  talked with Vulture about his experience showing Birth of a Nation at Sundance,

Making this film was an arduous experience, to say the least, and submitting it to Sundance was a joyous opportunity. To get accepted, and then to be at the premiere, sent me through the roof, emotionally. Here I am with a film that deals with Nat Turner, subject matter that we as a country have hidden, have sanitized, have trivialized — almost in an attempt to ensure our safety, so we wouldn’t have to confront it.

So presenting this film, I was a little bit nervous. Not nervous that it would sell or not sell, but just that I didn’t know if people would accept or be open to my idea that if we are to heal, we need to honestly confront this dark time in our past.

 Birth of a Nation sold to Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million following its world premiere at Sundance on Jan. 25.
In other Oprah Winfrey news, the media mogul just purchased a 23 acre farm in Montecito,  California for 28 million.
Photo Credit: Oprah IG


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