Oprah’s First “60 Minute” Segment To Focus On The Country’s Political Divide

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey will make her “60 Minute” debut on Sunday (Sept. 24th) and according to the network, Oprah’s first segment will focus on the country’s political divide.

“She wants to do stories with an impact,” says executive producer Jeff Fager to The Hollywood Reporter. “And that’s what’s going to work here.”

Winfrey’s first segment will examine the deep political divisions in the country in part through a panel made up of ideologically opposed Americans. It is similar to a feature Winfrey did in O Magazine in February, for which she brought together 10 women at a diner in Maspeth, New York — half of them Donald Trump supporters, half Hillary Clinton supporters.Oprah Winfrey

But Winfrey, 63, is no bystander in the political arena. Unlike the full-time correspondent corps at 60 Minutes, her views are well known. The stumped for Barack Obama and in 2016 supported Hillary Clinton. Fager, though, says he’s not concerned that Winfrey’s political identity will alienate some viewers. “We are known for fairness,” he says, “and I believe people will see that on the air with her.”


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