Oprah Winfrey Launching New Talk Styled Show on Apple TV+

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Oprah Winfrey

Yes chile! Oprah Winfrey is about to bless us with some good conversation.

The media mogul is launching a new show on Apple TV, “The Oprah Conversation.”

The show is scheduled to debut Thursday and, according to a press release, “will continue to explore impactful and relevant topics with fascinating thought leaders from all over the world.”

“Filmed remotely and incorporating audience engagement, Oprah will lead timely and intimate discussions with today’s foremost newsmakers, thought leaders, and masters of their craft,” the press release also states. “Bringing truth and perspective to a range of topics shaping our world, they reveal gripping stories of human connection.”

This is exactly what we need right now! Fist Michelle and now Oprah, Yes chile! It’s time to elevate the conversations!

Oprah Winfrey