Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Winans Sending 5000 Cases of Clean Water to Flint


Pastor Donnie McClurkin is calling the Flint water crisis, “reprehensible” and “deplorable.”

To assist the town’s residents, the Perfecting Faith Church pastor, along with Bishop Marvin Winans (who is from Detroit, Michigan), are sending thousands of cases of water.

s13m“Perfecting Faith Church just touched my heart the way we rallied together to buy the water and to send it in the caravan from Detroit to Flint,” said the GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer on Periscope Monday.

Mcclurkin’s Freeport, NY ministry raised enough funds to purchase 2,000 cases of water. When combined with the contribution from members of Perfecting Church, Winans’ Detroit-based ministry, it bumped the total number of donated cases to about 5,000.

Both McClurkin, and Winans are scheduled to be in Flint Thursday when the delivery is made.

“We’ve got to be relevant. We’ve got to be our brother’s keeper,” said McClurkin, who explained that this  donation is made possible through Perfecting Faith International, an organization led by Bishop Winans, with approximately 25 different churches around the world.

McClurkin said he did have another idea,

“My idea was to get buckets and pails of the contaminated water by the hundreds, put it on the mayor’s doorstep, put it on the businesses’ doorsteps, or the governmental, political doorsteps and tell them ‘If this is so safe for you to charge people to buy lead-infested water, not purify the water and you say that it’s good, you and your family drink it,’” he said.



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