Patti LaBelle Talks the One Thing She Won’t Do on Empire


Patti LaBelle  is returning to Empire and will be featured in its upcoming season!

During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Ms. Patti  recalled a conversation she had with co-creator, Lee Daniels, who wants the legendary singer to try something “daring” in season 2.

“We talked about it about three months ago. He said ‘LaLa,’ — he calls me ‘LaLa’ — ‘would you take your wig off?’ I said, ‘Hell no,’” LaBelle explained, laughing. “So he’s trying to do something daring with me, but I ain’t going out like that. I love you Lee, but no, no. Viola Davis did it on ‘How To Get Away With Murder,’ but not Ms. Patti. I can’t do it.”

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