Philadelphia Eagles Knelt In Prayer After Winning Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles
A team that prays together..wins together!
The Philadelphia Eagles knelt in prayer after winning the Super Bowl on Sunday.

After defeating the New England Patriots, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson gave his team a celebratory talk in the locker room, and then lead the team in prayer.

“Let’s take one knee,” coach Pederson said, before removing his hat and kneeling in prayer.

Check it out:

In other Philadelphia Eagles news, players, Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith, and Chris Long have said they will not attend the annual White House Super Bowl celebration.

Philadelphia Eagles

“I personally do not anticipate attending that,” Jenkins told CNN on Monday. He said he didn’t have any message for President Donald Trump.

It’s not secret that Trump has criticized  players on Twitter and in stump speeches who have taken a knee during the national anthem as a sign of protest and to call attention to racial injustice in America.



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