Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wedding Date Explained

Prince Harry
 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ignoring royal tradition by getting married on a Saturday.

When it was announced that Prince Harry would marry Meghan on May 19th, it left us wondering why.

Well, we’ve got an answer.

The couple wanted to make sure that people in the UK and around the world (like us here in the U.S.) can watch on TV.

A royal aide said the couple opted for a weekend wedding because they wanted as many members of the public to be involved as possible.

Prince Harry

Cool, right?

This date also makes sure that the wedding doesn’t overshadow the birth of Kate’s 3rd child with Prince William.

No word yet on what designer Meghan has chosen to design her gown for her big day.

Whomever it is, the world will be watching as she walks down the aisle to her Prince.


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