Rae Carruth Is Getting Out Of Jail Soon & His Son Will Be There To Greet Him

Former Carolina Panther Player Rae Carruth Is Getting Out Of Jail Soon and His 18 Yr. Old Son Whose Mother He Was Convicted Of Killing Will Be There To Greet Him

Rae Curruth
Rae Carruth, the former Carolina Panther player, who was found guilty of masterminding the plot to kill his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams, because he didn’t want to pay child support back in 1999 will be getting out of jail soon. 

Rae Carruth

Even though Cherica lost her life, the doctors were able to save her son, Chancellor Lee Adams life (they did not give him Carruth’s last name).

Doctors believed when he was born that Chancellor Lee, who suffers from cerebral palsy, would never walk. He now walks regularly, using a walker.

In an interview with the Charlotte Observer, Cherica’s mother, Saundra Adams, who has raised Chancellor Lee shared that her grandson will be there when his father is released from jail.

rae Curruth

The former Panther is scheduled to be released from prison on Oct. 22, 2018.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Would Chancellor Lee like to meet his father on the day he is released?

Yeah!” he says.

“He knows about it,” Saundra Adams adds. “We’ve talked about it a lot.”

And, with a little more than 11 months to go before Carruth’s expected release, that remains the Adams’ plan. They want to meet Carruth at the prison gates when he finally becomes a free man.

Saundra shared that the father and son met once, when Chancellor was a baby.

This was in 2000, before Carruth was convicted and sentenced to nearly 19 years in prison. Adams says that once Carruth realized the visit could not be photographed or filmed by the media that he wasn’t much interested anymore in seeing his son, and ended the visit after about 10 minutes.

That was the last time the father and the son laid eyes on each other.

Saundra Adams says she forgives Carruth, who til this day denies having anything to do with her daughters death.

“Forgiveness is for me,” she says. “It’s so I can love unconditionally. And I think my grandson deserves unconditional love, because that’s what he gives. It’s total, unconditional love. If I did not forgive Rae, it would block that flow. So many times parents hold animosity toward one of the other parents and they take it out subconsciously on the children. I never wanted that to happen.”

Saundra takes her grandson to visit his mother’s grave  in Charlotte occasionally to change the flowers, but not too often, because they believe she does not reside in that soil, and instead watches over them peacefully from heaven.



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