Raven-Symoné Says She Was Forced To Wear A Fat Suit On ABC Family Show


The View co-host  Raven-Symoné claims she was forced to wear a fat suit when she starred on the ABC Family series “State of Georgia.” 

This is what Raven  had to say on Monday’s The View:

“I feel when I lost my weight, like big-girl season came. There’s so many big girls that are now famous. That was over here, starving,” she said, prompting fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg to chime in: “You were famous. You were a big girl and you were famous.” 

“You don’t even know what I went through,” Raven responded. “I wouldn’t get my show unless I looked a certain way, things of that nature.”

Goldberg tried to convince the 29-year-old that she did understand revealing that when she lost weight six or seven years ago, her new look wasn’t what producers were looking for.

“They did that to me! On ‘State of Georgia’ they had me wear a fat suit,” she shot back. “Because they said I wasn’t the size they wanted me to be.”

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