Sarah Jakes Roberts Post Pregnancy Pic + Shares heartfelt message to husband Toure’ Roberts


Author, speaker and first lady, Sarah Jakes Roberts, who is expecting her 3rd child (and 1st with  hubby, pastor  Toure’ Roberts) posted a beautiful photo of the two with the most heartfelt message to her husband.

12592476_850246635122013_3137721741167497367_nFrom Sarah’s Facebook:

Swollen feet, nose spreading, belly full of baby, heart overflowing with joy. After a couple of heartbreaks and life as a single mother I swore I’d never have any more children. I almost let the possibility of being broken again keep me from experiencing restoration. I had to realize that love and faith must dwell in the same heart. Greater than hope, faith is rooted in confirmation and a word from God. It is the ultimate insurance that things may not be easy, but they’ll work together for your good. As I spend the last few days rubbing my tummy I’m reminded of the power of love and beauty of faith. I’ve had to be vulnerable with my husband in new ways. I’ve had to be honest enough to vocalize how I felt about change. As I’ve embraced the expansion of my physical appearance I’ve noticed the parallel growth my soul is enduring. I am unequivocally more beautiful on the inside because a part of Touré Roberts has developed inside of me. Much like our child, your love has shown me new dimensions of myself. It has allowed me moments of rest that give me permission to ground myself. It has caused me to ache intimately in a way that produces something bigger than my feelings. You’ve shown me the true meaning of love is not about comfort, but about trusting stability exists even when everything is changing. You’re my rock, my love, my King. I thank God for allowing me to experience this with you and sending Katee Grace Photography to capture this special time in our journey.

Such a heartfelt and inspiring message…..

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