Sarah Paulson Explains Her Obsession With Rihanna

Sarah Paulson
Sarah Paulson  has a low key obsession with Rihanna, and we’re like girl join the club!

While on Seth Meyers talk show Wednesday night, the actress explained her “low level” obsession with her Oceans 8 co-star, Rihanna.

“I have a low-level, super cool, chill obsession with Rihanna.”

“She sent me like a crying, laughing emoji congratulating me on winning the Golden Globe and I was like ‘Rihanna is not going to send an Emjoi,” Sarah joked.

“And then I went to set the next day and she was like, ‘yes, that was me.’ I thought, I can’t believe she texted me.”

Sarah Paulson

Sarah also revealed that the Oceans 8 trailer should be dropping soon.

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