Savannah James Named One Of Cleveland’s Most Interesting People

Savannah James
Savannah James, has nabbed the cover of  the Most Interesting People 2018 edition of Cleveland Magazine.

Savannah James aka #QueenJames is featured in the publication for her philanthropic work in Ohio, specifically with young girls.

Savannah James

Via Cleveland Magazine:

Savannah has become an increasingly active philanthropist, one focused on encouraging and empowering girls and young women.

Savannah James


“In the times that we’re in right now, I think that love and showing a bit of empathy for people in just a positive light can go a long way.”

Savannah derives great comfort from being in her hometown. Regardless of where her husband’s career may take him after he enters free agency at the end of this NBA season, Northeast Ohio will remain home. She offers their efforts to help the region and its residents as proof.

“I think that that alone reflects where our heart is,” she says.

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