Serena Williams One Of Harper Bazaar’s Trailblazing Women “I Was Born To Do Tennis”


Tennis GREAT  Serena Williams made the 2015 “Daring” list in Harper’s Bazaar, which celebrates “incredible risk-taking, trailblazing women.”

From Harper Bazaar:

Serena was asked what it means to be”daring” to her:

“Daring to me is taking a chance but not doing it blindly. A very calculated change,” said Serena. “Think of amazing women like Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey — they’re daring, but they’re not jumping off a building without a parachute, you know?”gallery-1445016924-hbz-serena-williams-tennis-photo

Serena said she was born to do tennis!

“Some people are born to do certain things, and I think I was born to do tennis,” said Serena in Harper’s Bazaar. “I definitely didn’t miss my calling!” 

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