Lecrae Releases “All Things Work Together” Short Film [WATCH]


For The Culture 

Lecrae has released a short film based off his latest album “All Things Work Together” which is available today.

Lecrae’s short film is truly one for the culture.

We’ve pulled out some words that had us hitting rewind..Short Film

“What if we’re so focused on the promise land, we don’t appreciate everything we learn in the wilderness?”

“Death could care less about your politics, race or class. Nah only we care about that.”

“My granddaddy fought in the war, and he didn’t talk about it much, but I learned if you ignore your wounds, and keep trying to fight,  the wounds don’t go away, they get worse. Ignoring them doesn’t help them heal, it helps them get infected.”

Lecrae finished the short film sharing that his latest album, “All Things Work Together” is his stone of remembrance, a monument to the miracles he’s seen.


What do you think?


What do you think?