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**UPDATE** Chadwick Boseman Saw KKK Rallies While Filming Black Panther

UPDATE: Chadwick Boseman is clarifying his comments regarding witnessing a Klan rally as told in Mr. Porter.

“I was misquoted in a recent article regarding seeing Klan rallies in SC in 2017. The event I spoke of happened during the filming of Captain America: Civil War in 2015. It was shortly after the mass shooting and hate crime at Emanuel AME in Charleston and at the height of the debate that led to the removal of the confederate flag from SC’s capital,” he wrote on Instagram Friday afternoon. “So the rally that I spoke of was exacerbated by those current events and is a representation of a portion of its white citizenship and not the whole. Perhaps the journalist who wrote the account misunderstood the timing. But that confederate flag really did not happen during the filming of Black Panther in 2017 nor was it related to Panther in anyway.” 

 “I must make this distinction because of the current divisive climate and the intent of our upcoming film to help make people, all people, whole in this time. In fact, I must credit both white and black supporters from my home state for the displays of love and pride they have shown to me in regards to the character, the movie and my overall career.”




Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman grew up in a religious home in Anderson, South Carolina, and even though he had a happy childhood, Boseman explained to media outlet  Mr. Porter that racism was present.