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Catholic Church Leaders Are Calling Out Donald Trump For “Church Photo”

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Religious leaders are speaking out against Donald Trump’s photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Monday night.

In an interview with Craig Melvin on NBC’s “TODAY” show, Rev. Mariann Budde said that what Trump did in front of the church she oversees “was an abuse of the spiritual tools and symbols of our traditions and of our sacred space.”

“He didn’t come to church to pray, he didn’t come to church to offer condolences to those who are grieving,” she said. “He didn’t come to commit to healing our nation, all the things that we would expect and long for from the highest leader in the land.”

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The Rev. James Martin, a prominent Jesuit priest and author, said in a statement, “Using the Bible as a prop while talking about sending in the military, bragging about how your country is the greatest in the world, and publicly mocking people on a daily basis, is pretty much the opposite of all Jesus stood for.”

He added: “Let me be clear. This is revolting. The Bible is not a prop. A church is not a photo op. Religion is not a political tool. And God is not a plaything.”

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Then, Tuesday morning Trump and Melania’s visit to the John Paul II national shrine, was met with rebuke from DC’s Archbishop Gregory.

“I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles…”

Gregory also says Trump’s actions do not square with John Paul II’s legacy: He “certainly would not condone the use of tear gas and other deterrence to silence, scatter, or intimate… for a photo opportunity in front of a place of worship and peace.”

Pastor Timmons Wasn’t Having It! Stops Donald Trump From Attempting To Bash Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Donald Trump was in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday to try and gain some black support *insert side eye*

Donald Trump’s last minute attempt to win over African-American voters veered off course Wednesday afternoon when the pastor of a historically black church cut him off mid speech after he attempted to bash Hillary Clinton, reminding him that he had not been invited there to deliver a political speech.

When Donald Trump Speaks To The ‘Black Church’ Tomorrow He Will Have An 8 Page Script

This is why I’ve been screaming “Don’t be fooled!” to anyone who will listen when it comes to Donald Trump.

It’s being reported that the Republican party candidate for President will use a script tomorrow when he sits down with pastor  Wayne T. Jackson, at his church Great Faith Ministries in Detroit. This sit down is Trump’s way of attempting to win over the black vote ( it won’t work Trump we see right through you!)