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Black Panther Actress Letitia Wright Releases New Bible Plan

Actress Letitia Wright who played Shuri in the box office hit Black Panther has released a new 3 day Bible Plan “Overcoming” on YouVersion.

In times of darkness.
It’s important to share the LIGHT.

Letitia Wright
Screen Grab

In the midst of darkness.
It’s important to share the LIGHT. ?
Honored to share the scriptures that help me to overcome times of tribulation and hardship with @youversion bible App. Praying for our world daily
Be blessed. Hope this bible plan encourages you during this time.


Letitia Wright Calls Out Media For Editing God Out Of Her Comments

Black Panther star, Letitia Wright has always been very vocal about her faith, and making sure to credit God with her success during interviews.

But, the actress recently had to take to her Twitter account to call out some media platforms for editing out her comments about God from her interviews.

The Twitter post reads: “It’s super cute when journalists/interviewers for magazines leave out the massive part where I give God the glory for the success/achievements in my life. Haha, I still love you and God will still be praised.”


Check out her inspiring BAFTA acceptance speech…..