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Meghan and Harry Purchase Gated Montecito Estate

Meghan and Harry have left Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills estate and are now calling Montecito, California home.

According to multiple reports, the Duke and Duchess went into escrow in July and closed the deal about a week ago.

The super exclusive Montecito is also home to the queen of media Oprah Winfrey and Ellen.

Harry and Meghan reportedly spent $10m on a secure, gated estate in the plush neighborhood full of grassy hillsides.

Perfect place to raise baby Archie.

Meghan and Harry Signs With Same Agency As The Obama’s

Meghan and Harry are making their move post royal split.

The couple has signed with The Harry Walker Agency, they also represent former President Barack and Michelle Obama, who have made millions of dollars through lucrative public speaking engagements over the years.

harry and barack

The couple has no intention of discussing the Royal Family or their decision to leave. During their negotiations with “The Firm” regarding their exit from the Royal family, the couple agreed that their future work would be in keeping with the principles and tone of the royal family…which is to keep a tight lip regarding what goes on with the family.

“Part of the discussions they had with the family is that they would make sure any future work opportunities that will earn them a living will be in keeping with what is expected of the family,” said a source close to the couple, according to Vanity Fair. “Other members of the family make a living, so Harry and Meghan shouldn’t be any different and they’ll be attuned to the same expectations.”

Aides say that the couple plan to speak about core issues that will form the building blocks of their new organization Archewell. Community, racial justice, gender equality and mental health are all on Harry and Meghan’s agenda.

Meghan and Prince Harry Postpone Launch Of New Charity To Focus On Black Lives Matter Movement

Meghan and Prince Harry have decided to focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and continued covid-19 relief efforts instead of launching their new charity Archewell.

According to the Telegraph, “Sources said the couple were responding to current affairs, redirecting their efforts to the Black Lives Matter cause and the wider repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

meghan and prince harry

The publication also noted that the delay of any future Archewell endeavors could be quite significant. Per The Telegraph, “it is understood they will now postpone public announcements for the foreseeable future, with no official Archewell projects until next year.”

The couples 1 yr. old son Archie is the inspiration behind the charity name Archewell.